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LIFT Your Story

LaurieAnn Campbell and Roy Miller

That Gal With That Guy presents "LIFT Your Story" which is about SHARING YOUR STORY beyond what you would in a regular "pitch" - Although we do focus primarily on topics from new entrepreneurs, authors and health - all entrepreneurs have a STORY behind the business! It's about two completely different minded people coming together to ask questions from two different perspectives. Our goal - Promoting others and interesting topics is our goal. Why LIFT? Two reasons. One, is that we lift it to a beyond just the business person we interview, and we also automatically help share your story on our LIFT process... LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (LIFT)LaurieAnn is an Award Winning Author of Make Up Not Required - How To Brand The True You, Branding Expert, 1st Canadian and 3rd North American to receive a Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst Certification from Montreal, Quebec, now residing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. LaurieAnn is also a contributing Author to 1 Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs - Amazon Best Seller. Roy Miller is a Formulation Planning Expert from Dallas, Texas, USA and a contributing Author in Make Up Not Required - How To Brand the True YOU, as well as Author of the upcoming book Before It's Too Late.QZqWRP43GhYpK27BhUrk